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The Allfasteners Raptor Radome


Situational Awareness.


What is the Raptor Radome? If it sounds like a key component for a tactical stealth fighter, you’re not far off. But for the tower industry, it brings a life changing meaning.

Allfasteners developed the Raptor Radome system as a long-needed replacement for existing concealment panels on monopoles. While in concept concealing the radios and antennas on a pole makes sense, the regular maintenance required to install and remove loose bolts, straps, and buckles, as well as handling panels at heights can be a cumbersome process. Hardware is easily damaged and can go missing, and that’s where the real problem starts.

Most traditional panels have nylon bolts on the vertical seam, and the contractor accessing the system is responsible for returning each item to as it was originally installed. Inevitably, these nylon bolts are left out, or are broken or lost. The panel becomes a windsock, leaving it vulnerable to the elements.

After discovering that a major towerco was struggling with panels blowing off or coming loose in the weather, Allfasteners went back to the drawing board, and The Raptor Radome was born.

After a successful prototype, a patent pending and seven completed site executions from its development stage, The Raptor Radome, fabricated in the United States from stealthy RF friendly materials, provides a unique set of features and benefits.

  • Allows for 360-degree simultaneous access just by opening the doors.
  • No loose hardware to be lost or damaged in the field.
  • Safe and easy access from a manlift without additional equipment.
  • Tested to be used with the doors open in wind speeds up to 30mph
  • Best yet, the system is designed to work with existing bulkheads and structural spines on existing poles, so that it can be retrofitted to almost any monopole in the field.
  • Satisfies any carrier requirements for closing up a pole after the day’s work.
Have an application you’d like to install the Raptor Radome system on today? Contact us.

Experience the Raptor Radome in Action!

To see the raptor radome in action check out our raptor radome demo page. It's filled with video, images and more exclusive content around our innovative concealment canister.

Raptor Radome Demo Page

Rooftop Mounting Made Easy

Allfasteners' Raptor Radome line has expanded to include rooftop mounting options. The same great product, on a smaller scale and with a refined design - check it out!

Raptor Rooftop Mount

How The Raptor Radome Works

This short video can help you understand how the raptor radome works and functions in the field for easier monopole concealment. 


Easy Latch Access

Simple and easy to use latch to access contents when you need to. Locking system for added security. 

Raptor-1 Open

360 Degree Access

Hinge systems allows for 360 degree access to contents, all fabricated in the USA.


Custom Shipping Crates

Custom shipping crate built for every raptor radome order to ensure safe delivery.


Have a Job That Requires Concealment Help?

Have an application you’d like to install the Raptor Radome system on today? Contact us.

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