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Concealment Solutions

Concealment helps to hide unwanted structures from sight. They help to create designs that blend into cities, campuses, and other various surroundings without compromising performance. 

Elements of stealth and camouflage blend to create innovation at its finest - concealment solutions. Concealment structures are designed to wrap around a structure or antenna so that even the keenest eye cannot spot an antenna in any conceivable application.


Options to Choose From

Allfasteners prides ourselves in offering aesthetically pleasing concealment and small cell solutions that blend into the surroundings, while upholding high performance. Allfasteners's concealment capabilities are designed to fit any need. We even come to your jobsite to ensure a perfect surface match. See them in action here!


5G Approved Panels - The 5G Skin

Allfasteners conducted tests on material for all different concealment applications to 5G compatibility in every application – which led us to our panel. Developed to be used with 5G equipment and mm wavelengths, the 5G Skin is the next wave of concealment capability.

The 5G panel is now readily available for just about any concealment application offered through Allfasteners.

Find Out About Our 5G Approved Panels

Raptor Radome Concealment Canister

Allfasteners flagship concealment canister - the Raptor Radome - blends technology with everyday surroundings.

A simple latch system allows each hinged panel to open simultaneously for 360 access to the antennas and equipment mounted inside. The Raptor Radome's cutting-edge design benefits the tower industry in many ways.

See More About the Raptor Radome

Concealment Walls & Windows 

Concealment walls & windows help to blend unwanted structures into everyday life. From small antennas to large buildings, our range of walls & windows blend seamlessly into their surroundings. 

Our panels can be shaped and designed to match any wall surface or window - all due to our prefabrication site visit that ensures our panels will align and match the look of your current structure. Available in multiple styles and finishes. 

Browse Concealment Walls & Windows

Concealment Canisters

Allfasteners offers standard monopole concealment canisters designed for aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound concealment applications. These stealth-like canisters blend into their surrounding environments - as if they were always there. 

Available in a wide range of diameters, our concealment canisters stand the test of time and the elements, ensuring a long lasting installation.

Learn More About Concealment Canisters

Monopine Concealment

Monopine branches blend antennas into a more "natural" landscape. Disguised as pine trees, monopine poles are the solution for more strict zoning laws - specifically for the towers in more populated areas.

These branches have been wind tunnel tested with sustained winds of 115mph while the 5" brach was tested to 150mph of sustained wind. Inquire about monopine concealment solutions for more information about our branches and their sizes.

Check Out Our Natural Monopines

Concealment for Every Situation

Allfasteners has a concealment solution for every scenario: brick walls, window panels, monopole canisters, monopines, 5G approved material and much more. 


Overview - Concealment Trailer

Ask About Our Concealment Solutions

Need your tower or structure to blend seamlessly into its surroundings? Not sure how our concealment solutions can fit your project? Have questions regarding our concealment solutions?

Don't worry, all of your questions can be answered by contacting an Allfasteners representative. Our team is always ready and willing to help you out!

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Allfasteners Concealment Solutions in Action

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